Development Committee

In January 2018, the MHBPNA formed a Development subcommittee to track new buildings and developments within and around the neighbourhood. Currently the committee meets once a month and includes 10 members from across the Mount Hope-Breithaupt Park area. To contact the development committee, email

Vision Statement

  • Create neighbourhood engagement and monitor and respond to development proposals
  • Establish a formal line of communication with the City of Kitchener Planning Department, the Regional Planning Department and City Council on building and development issues which impact the area
  • Ensure that the PARTS and RIENS guidelines and proposed zoning changes (CRoZBY) are fully communicated to all residents and adhered to as new development occurs
  • Design a communication strategy to 1) gather input from residents and 2) develop a formal line of communication with builders and developers in order to give feedback on proposed development.

Developments currently being monitored include:

  • The Perimeter build at Wellington/Moore – on the Google property
  • The Sixo Development
  • The McDonald’s building lot on King/Breithaupt
  • The old Staebler building/now vacant lot on King/Wellington
  • The Regional Transit Hub
  • The condo development at King/Louisa – added to the list because of construction/parking issues
  • The residential build at Waterloo/Bismark
  • The residential build on Braun Avenue
  • The Electrohome building
  • Extend A Family building
  • Sacred Heart school/convent
  • The commercial development at Roger/Moore (City of Waterloo initiative but a traffic and neighbourhood impact)

Learn more and keep up to date on developments by following the MHBPNA blog and