152 Shanley for sale (again)

What a time we have had with 152 Shanley: decades of neglect, attempted interventions by neighbours,  meetings with MHBPNA executive (both with staff and councilors) and many articles in the Record. And yet it still sits empty, quiet,… Read More

152 Shanley Design Charrette

The City of Kitchener is hosting a Design Charrette for 152 Shanley property in preparation for its upcoming second attempt to sell. If you wish to attend they would appreciate you registering. Below is the letter sent to… Read More

The 152 Shanley Saga (fall, 2017)

As most residents are aware, the city of Kitchener’s attempt in April of 2017 to sell 152 Shanley has failed. I wish this failure was a surprise but given the constraints placed on the sale by municipal and… Read More

152 Shanley Update, February 2017

In 2012 the City of Kitchener claimed it would put this property up for a tax sale. That did not happen.Again in 2016 the City of Kitchener was on the record (and in The Record) claiming it would be… Read More

152 Shanley Update (sort of)

Many Mount Hope residents were happy to read the article in The Record about the city finally offering this building up for sale. That article was published on January 11, 2016 and on September 6th, 2016 the building… Read More

152 Shanley Update #2

This is the second article discussing some background to 152 Shanley (first article is here). As mentioned in the first article, the building is coming up for a tax sale; the owner owes outstanding taxes, money to the… Read More

152 Shanley Update #1

The building at 152 Shanley has been “known” to residents for many years. It has a long and fascinating history. On the side of the building you can still make out the letters for Deilcraft which was a… Read More

Neighbourhood update, August 2018

Here are a few things happening in and around our hood in the weeks and months ahead: The City of Kitchener is having several “Workshops on Wheels” to discuss the Cycling and Trails Master Plan. The event for… Read More

Graffiti Busters

When the Region originally shared the plans for the Weber St. widening the MHBPNA discussed with them the problem of graffiti. They did not adjust their design and graffiti has been a problem for the area around Weber… Read More

The 2015 Year Ahead with the MHBPNA

Our Neighbourhood Association executive has met over the past month and identified a number of events and initiatives we would like to promote. Please contact us at if you would like to volunteer for any of these… Read More