Invasive Species, right here in Kitchener!

Japanese knotweed is found in several Mt. Hope – Breithaupt Park locations – there is a large patch along the Spur Line trail, (Guelph -> Wilhelm), and it can be found on several residential properties in the neighbouring streets.

Japanese knotweed is listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as one of the world’s 100 worst invasive species. Often mistaken for bamboo, this tall and pretty plant is fast-growing (six centimetres per day) and requires minimal care.

The extensive root system can grow through foundations, damage concrete walls, pavement, drainage works, and flood prevention structures, resulting in expensive problems for both the city and private landowners.

Knotweed is notoriously difficult to eradicate, and studies around the world have repeatedly shown that mechanical efforts such as cutting, digging, smothering, or burning are ineffective and can contribute to its spread. The current best practice is spot-application of a selected non-glyphosate herbicide by a licensed contractor. There are a lot of resources to learn more about knotweed online. For example, the Ontario Invasive Plant Council.

For a quick summary of invasive plants in Kitchener, watch this presentation to Kitchener city council, from August 2019.

by Kathy M.

The Library of Things “repair cafe popup” Saturday, Sept 28

The Kitchener Waterloo “Library of Things” is located in the MHBP neighbourhood. Here is some information about their repair cafe event this coming Saturday:

KWLOT ( is hosting its first repair cafe pop-up on Saturday September 28, 9am to 1 pm.
Hosted by KWLOT volunteers & the fabulous folks at Spool & Spindle, we’ll have three stations for the following repairs:
– jewelry
– clothing
– small appliance & electronics repair (120V)
Of course, it’s free, and you will have a chance to learn a bit about doing these kinds of repairs yourself.
Sign up is best to get a slot with our repair people:
Saturday September 28 will be the perfect time to sign up or renew your membership at KWLOT .
Located at 91 Moore Ave, in the middle of the Mount Hope neighbourhood.


Soup Stock is coming….

Soup Stock is an event that has been happening in the Mt. Hope side of MHBP for a few years. This year’s date is October 5th.

Sound intriguing? Check it out here.

Big Breithaupt Campout, September 7-8!

Duke St. West Music Fest, June 22, 2019

This year we had amplified sound and the weather was perfect for MHBPNA’s Second Annual Duke St. West Music Fest. On June 22, 2019 we had over 150 people drop by the Duke St. Playground between 2 and 5 pm to hear our neighborhood musicians performing and to grab some of the pizza and refreshments we offered.
We thank our neighbour Gailen for mowing the lawn at the front of the playground which made it nicer for the audience and musicians.
As with last year, our entertainment opened with The Buddy Choir singing a few songs and they performed with energy and enthusiasm. They are sponsored by our partner Extend A Family who do great work in our community.
Frank Baker did some amusing impressions of politicians and movie folks (our favourite was Christopher Walken).
The Duke Street Alicorns performed some songs for younger people in the audience including Rainbow by Sia from the My Little Pony movie.
It was the Scott Family’s first DSWMF. They are Douglas, Jaclyn, Caelyn and Rosie and they played four songs that were all well arranged and included flute, piano, guitar, singing and misc. percussion. The songs were: Theme from “Steven Universe”, O.D.D., Doug’s composition: “Tango” and “In the Jungle.”
We were lucky that Luke Cyrus Hunter has moved into our neighbourhood. He has been writing songs for several years and has recorded CDs and his information can be found here:
All his songs had wit and energy including “Tequila, Rum and Such” which he recorded a highly entertaining video. Click on this link to watch!
Alexis Hammer was back for her second year and was accompanied by Ted Parkinson on guitar. She chose Ahead by a Century (Tragically Hip), The Shallows (Lady Gaga) and I Want to Hold Your Hand (Beatles).
Edward Barrington played his thoughtful original songs on guitar and his artist information can be found here.
Ted Parkinson played keyboard for his set which included his original songs about San Luis Obispo and his orange cats. He finished with a rousing boogie woogie improvisation. Information about Ted and his music can be located here and an entertaining piano performance can be viewed here.
The Peanut Butter Jams are new to our ‘hood and they sang a high energy set which included:

My Friends by Hey Ocean!, Keep on the Sunny Side by Blenkhorn/Entwisle, Who Knew by The New Coon Creek Girls, Rocky Top by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant
The “Jams” can be followed on Instagram: @thepeanutbutterjams
Jakki Annerino told us about all the places she had lived in our neighbourhood over the years and then she and Wayne Cheater played several of Jakki’s original songs including This Can Only Get Better and Dreamin’ of My Ancestors. They can be heard on her YouTube Channel.
Jakki and Wayne have also helped run Black Walnut Open Stage at the Mill Courtland Centre from September to June for many years.  The website is
Throughout the perfect afternoon children played and residents wandered through listening to the music, sitting for a while and meeting other friends. What an amazing day.
Around the half way mark we ordered pizza from Planet Pizza because…..Pizza!
Who made it all happen? An event like this requires some time and help from many people. The overall organization and planning was undertaken by Eli Winterfeld, Ted Parkinson and Emily Slofstra (who are all on the board of the Mt. Hope – Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood Association). The City of Kitchener granted us a noise exemption permit. The keyboard and two amps were loaned by Ted, the sound system and microphones were loaned by Emily and Dan. Dan Kellar volunteered to mix the vocals, arrange the mic setup and generally help out. Extend-A-Family loaned us three tents and paid for some chips and other food. The Midtown folks loaned us their chalkboard. Claudette volunteered to emcee and did a great job. MHBPNA paid for the Portable Toilet, and the pizza and the advertising (this money is raised through programs they run like the soccer league). Other folks organized the water and glasses, helped serve the pizza and did other tasks. Ted and Joan loaned 8 lawnchairs and Jack helped carry and move lots of stuff around. Thanks to everyone who helped out and who came and enjoyed the afternoon with us.
See you all next year!
Ted Parkinson
Communications, MHBPNA

Duke St. West Music Fest, June 22

June 22 is a big day in the Mt. Hope – Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood. In the morning we have been organizing a Garage Sale. For the Garage Sale we will be using a the hashtag #mhbpgarage and if you are on twitter you can post your “great stuff” to direct people to your bargains. We have a large area in our ‘hood so walk, bike, drive around to the different sites to see what is for sale. The link above includes a map showing the addresses of everyone.

In the afternoon, from 2 – 5, we have the second annual Duke St. West Music Fest (we like to call it DSWMF). Many musicians from last year are returning and we have a few additional players as well. The poster below lists most musicians but we have a couple of ‘last minute’ additions as well.

Please drop by our DSWMF. We will have treats and also be ordering pizza for everyone during the music. Last year we had over 100 people listening to our music, all performed by artists who live in the MHBP neighbourhood.

We are also happy for any volunteer help like cleaning up after and we may have various tasks during the fest. It will be a great three hours.

Waterloo historical walks beginning in June

MHBP is nestled between Downtown Kitchener and “uptown” Waterloo. Parts of us even involve the mysterious “Midtown”. Some residents might be interested in the history of Waterloo and there are several fascinating walks being presented. So for a closer look at our neighbour, here is the schedule.

MHPBNA Neighbourhood Garage Sale: June 22

MHPBNA Neighbourhood Garage Sale, June 22, 2019

It’s that time of the year again! Clear out your garages, closets, basements, storage areas!
Sort your children’s clothes and toys!

Mount Hope – Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood Association is having our annual neighbourhood garage sale.

June 22, 2019
Garage Sale 8 am to 1pm

Garage Sale – Mount Hope – Breithaupt Park area in Kitchener (see map)

Garage Sale – Please FILL OUT THIS FORM to add yourself as a participant to the map below! (It may take a day to get added)

Once we’re finished with the sales, everyone is invited to Duke Street Playground at 2pm for the 2nd annual Duke Street West Music Fest!

See below for the Garage Sale Map. It will be updating as more people add their locations.

DSWMF 2019!

Upcoming MHBPNA Events, mark down the dates

We will be posting more information about these events closer to the dates. But June is a big month so fasten your seat belts!

June 9th we are co-sponsoring a Flea Market at the Breithaupt Centre. Here is what happened last year.

June 22 we will be hosting a garage sale in the morning (sign up form coming soon!) and in the afternoon the second annual Duke St. West Music Fest.

If you live in MHBP and would like to play at the DSWMF please contact us at We are putting together a list and checking it twice.